Microbiology and geochemical sampling

The ANR Microprony project has defined a sampling methodology including different materials for interdisciplinarity research studies.

Collection of hydrothermal chimneys

The top of chimneys (approximately 30 cm high) was cut at the submarinesites and the inner parts were then subsampled for molecular microbiology, microscopy and mineralogical analyses.

Chimney and fluid sampling

Both hydrothermal chimney and fluid were sampled by scuba divers formicrobial cultures including microbial enrichments in bioreactors and in tubes (for subsequent isolation of microorganisms).

Fluid sampling

Hydrothermal fluids were collected by scuba divers using different syringes for geochemical and microbiological analyses.

Chimney drilling

Hydrothermal chimneys were drilled by scuba divers at the Needle of Prony for geochemical analyses.

Gas sampling

Gas bubbles released at the site of « Bains des Japonais » were collected in glass tubes (10 mL) by scuba divers for gas composition analyses.

This project is funded by the French National research Agency « ANR ». It is an interdisciplinary and international long-terme collaboration between researchers at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, Geoscience Environnement Toulouse, Institut du Globe de Paris, Medis, Entropie, The Stony Brook University.