Simplified geological of Prony Bay with the location of sampling sites: Bain des Japonais (BDJ), The Needle of Prony (site 7 ST7), and other submarines sites ST8 ST9 and ST12 (Monnin et al., 2014)

Prony’s Bay, Southern of the New-Caledonia

At the southern end of the great peridotite massif of New Caledonia, thehydrothermal springs of the Prony Bay are located at a depth of lessthan 50 m.

Four submarine sites have been visited: ST07 (Prony Needle), ST08, ST09 and ST12.

At the northern end of Prony Bay, on the shoals of Careening Bay, is the “Japanese Bath” intertidal sampling site.

At the mouth of the Kaori River is another sampling site called “River of Kaori”.

This project is funded by the French National research Agency « ANR ». It is an interdisciplinary and international long-terme collaboration between researchers at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, Geoscience Environnement Toulouse, Institut du Globe de Paris, Medis, Entropie, The Stony Brook University.